Jewelry Atelier Gold Chain Necklace Collection

Jewelry Atelier Gold Chain Necklace Collection



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Jewelry Atelier Gold Chain Necklace Collection 

  • Different Sizes – This Solid 14K Gold Filled Figaro Chain Necklace is available in 2.8mm, 3.7mm, 4.7mm or 5.6mm widths and in various lengths for your convenience. If you prefer thin necklaces, our 2.8mm and 3.7mm chains will be your favorite accessories. But if you fancy wearing thicker necklaces, 4.7mm and 5.6mm options are here for you.
  • Why Gold Filled? – If you are concerned about the tarnishing effect of gold plated jewelry, and you desire the quality of solid gold, then our gold filled products will help you to achieve golden standards. They are affordable, durable, strong, heat and water resistant, and safe for your skin, also they won’t tarnish with time.
  • Finishing Touch of Your Style – Are you a person of simplicity and elegance? Our gold filled chain necklaces’ elegant style is convenient for both to be worn alone or layered with multiple jewelry. Its simple design fits perfectly to your style. You won’t regret buying these gold necklaces.
  • Great Gifts for Your Loved One – We know and respect your love for your significant other. And our product will help you express your feelings towards them. With this unique piece of jewelry your partner will feel your presence every time he/she wears it. Our necklaces come within a pouch inside a special box. The delicate design will preserve your gift fashionably.
  • Directly from Manufacturer – We work directly with manufacturers, eliminating the wholesalers. Every item is examined by our quality control team to make sure that your purchase turns out flawless.

Jewelry Atelier Gold Chain Necklace Collection

Product Description

Jewelry Atelier

Jewelry Atelier is based in the US; and has been formed by jewelry professionals with experience exceeding 40 years in the industry. Focusing on integrity and high quality, our mission is to build long lasting relationships with jewelry lovers. For us, the process begins with choosing the best ethical manufacturing partners. Our quality control team inspects the manufacturing process from smelting until finishing. Working directly with manufacturers and eliminating wholesalers gives us the power to provide the best value to our customers.

Gold Filled Jewelry

Jewelry Atelier’s gold filled products are designed for customers who are looking for the best value while buying a timeless piece. Gold filled jewelry, with its quality, durability and consistency, has been a great option for jewelry lovers for centuries. Our manufacturing partners use pressure bonding techniques to mechanically bond layers of solid 14K gold over a core metal of high quality jeweler’s brass or copper. Therefore, the layer of gold that is present in a gold filled jewelry can be around a 100 times thicker than that of a gold plated product. Buying a gold filled product gives you the comfort of knowing that you are getting a jewelry that looks and feels exactly like 14K gold. Gold filled products have a legal industry standard, which is regulated by the FTC. This requires gold filled products to contain at least %5 of 14K gold. As a result, gold filled jewelry is much more consistent in terms of quality compared to gold plated.

Jewelry Atelier Gold Chain Necklace Collection

Special Packaging

Jewelry Atelier pays tremendous attention to the packaging of its products. All of our products are delivered in a specially designed drawer style box and in a square shaped high quality jewelry pouch. The packaging is great for gifts and for storing your jewelry with comfort. Jewelry is always a great gift option for special occasions; such as birthdays, weddings, anniversaries. Therefore, we made sure that your loved ones will be amazed to receive a Jewelry Atelier package.

Gold Filled Jewelry Care

Gold filled jewelry is much more durable than plated or silver options, so it will last for a much longer time if it is well maintained. Gold filled is easy to care for; and the best cleaning method is gently polishing it with a soft cloth. You can also wash it with mild soap when it is necessary. Since, any kind of jewelry can be tarnished by getting in contact with harsh chemicals we suggest you to keep it away from detergents or similar cleaning agents. We recommend you to store your piece, in the jewelry pouch that is provided when not in use.

Ethical and Sustainable

In the process of choosing Jewelry Atelier’s manufacturing partners, we examine not only the manufacturer’s product quality but also its working standards. We make sure that all the products we buy are ethically produced, by manufacturers which provide good working conditions and adopt fair trade practices. We are also focusing on sustainability by using recycled metals for our products. Working directly with manufacturers and eliminating wholesalers gives us the power to examine all the manufacturing standards directly and to provide the best value to our customers.

Jewelry Atelier Gold Chain Necklace CollectionJewelry Atelier Gold Chain Necklace CollectionJewelry Atelier Gold Chain Necklace Collection

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